Why Fertility Testing is Important

Fertility TestingFertility testing can provide a clear picture as to why a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy so that the right treatment plan can be determined in order to address the problem. If you are planning to schedule an examination, there is some information on what to expect.

Why Infertility Occurs

There are several factors that can contribute to infertility. These include endometriosis, age, smoking, exercise, diet, stress, irregular ovulation and many others. That is why fertility testing is so critical to determining the exact cause why a couple is unable to conceive. An experienced doctor can take the results of your tests and then recommend a plan of action.

Fertility Testing in Women

In order to achieve pregnancy, a woman’s fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus must be working properly. There are several tests that can reveal the cause of an issue. These are just a few of them.

Blood tests – These are routine tests that can help your doctor identify any problems that need to be treated before attempting a pregnancy.

Sonohysterography – This is the process of examining the uterus through the use of ultrasound. The doctor will infuse a sterile saline solution into the uterine cavity and then obtain images which may show bleeding or other problems that are leading to pregnancy complications.

Hysterosalpinogram – In this test, a series of X-rays are taken after the uterus and fallopian tubes are injected with a liquid dye. This test will uncover uterine defects as well as blockages of the fallopian tubes.

Fertility Testing in Men

Problems such as low sperm count or low sperm motility can result in couples being unable to have children. As a result, it is very important that men undergo fertility testing as well. Your doctor will ask for a semen sample when performing a male infertility evaluation to see if further testing may be needed.

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