Study Finds Surprising Results for Older Women and IVF

Infertility is a common concern among older women, and although there are a number of potential treatment options available, a new study suggests that older women who switch to in vitro fertilization, or IVF, immediately after other methods have failed are more likely to achieve success. The study, funded by the National Institutes for Health, points out that women who switched from intrauterine insemination to IVF after the insemination method failed were more likely to get pregnant and give birth.

Numbers Favor In Vitro Fertilization

When the numbers were compared, the study found that women who switched to IVF got pregnant 50% of the time and gave birth 31% of the time. Older women who continued to use oral medications were found to get pregnant 22% of the time and gave birth at a rate of 16% of the time. When using injectable medications, women in the study got pregnant at a rate of 17% and gave birth at a rate of 14%. These figures show a considerable difference in the success rate of common treatment options, and they suggest that IVF should also be considered as a possible first choice among older women facing infertility concerns.

Fewer Cycles

Older Women and IVFAnother interesting note from the study was that couples who switched to IVF immediately had to go through fewer cycles by 36% when compared to couples using intrauterine insemination or medications. This means that couples who make the switch immediately after other methods have failed are more likely to be able to see results faster, spend less time seeking treatment, and spend less money on treatments. By choosing IVF first or by beginning IVF treatment immediately, it could also require fewer drugs to be ingested or injected.

Learn More About Your Options

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