Study Examines Cost Effectiveness of Freezing Eggs

freezing eggsA recent blog on Yahoo! News detailed the results of a study performed by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY that analyzed whether or not the cost of freezing eggs is worth it. According to the blog, the study showed that it is more cost-effective for women in their 30s who want children in their 40s to choose this option. The study showed women taking this approach have a higher rate of success than waiting until the age of 40 to achieve pregnancy.

The Numbers

The study took several scenarios into consideration when determining the cost-effectiveness of freezing eggs. These included:

  • How much egg freezing costs
  • The chances of having a child at the age of 40 without in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • The cost of IVF for women who need it to become pregnant

The researchers found that it cost about $15,000 for a woman to have her eggs frozen at the age of 35 and then use them five years later when compared to waiting until the age of 40 to attempt to achieve pregnancy. According to the study, freezing eggs is the most cost-effective option for a woman until age 38. The researchers also found that a woman has a better chance of eventually having a child if she opts for egg freezing.

Here are some other interesting findings from the study:

  • Only 16 percent of women the age of 40 who do not use any interventions are successful getting pregnant within six months of beginning their attempt.
  • Of women who freeze their eggs at the age of 35 and attempt to achieve pregnancy at the age of 40, 62 percent are successful.
  • Of women who attempt to get pregnant at the age of 40 using newly-retrieve eggs, 42 percent are successful.

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