Seeking Financial Help for In Vitro Fertilization

If you’re considering in vitro fertilization, you may be wondering what your options are for financial support. All of the options for financing fertility treatments can be overwhelming: you may be considering a bank loan, setting up a financing plan with a fertility clinic, or receiving a loan from a third-party medical loan company. To find the option that works best for you, it may help to contact your preferred fertility clinic to discuss all of your options in depth. They will be able to recommend a list of medical loan resources that meet your needs.

Check Your Health Insurance Plan

Before approaching a financing company for a loan, find out if your current health insurance plan offers any benefits for fertility services. Some plans may offer a certain amount of insurance coverage, which may help cover initial testing, while others may cover most (or even all) of your fertility treatment. Many fertility clinics accept a wide variety of insurance plans, so be sure to check with your clinic to see if they accept your insurance.

Third-Party Financing Options for In Vitro Fertilization

If you’re in need of financial help for in vitro fertilization, then you should consider taking out a loan. There are numerous medical loan options for in vitro fertilization available online. If you’re looking to narrow your list of choices, here are some loan resources to check out: LightStream, BBVA Compass, MedLoan Finance, and

Prosper Healthcare Lending, however, is one of the top financing companies in the healthcare industry. You can receive immediate loans up to $35,000 over longer terms (up to 60 months) for lower monthly payments. No collateral is required for a loan, and there are no prepayment penalties. They also offer a premium program that offers loans up to $100,000 with a lower APR. Always consult your healthcare provider before taking out a third-party loan.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have questions about financial support for in vitro fertilization, contact DFW Center for Fertility & IVF for more information about financing options and to schedule an appointment to discuss your IVF needs.