Success Rates for IVF

Fertility Clinic Data from CDCThe success rates for IVF treatments are tracked by the CDC, with actual results reported by U.S. fertility clinics performing assisted reproduction therapies. Patients can view ART reports online via the CDC. The number of births via ART is a small percentage of the total, but use of the technology has doubled over the past decade.

Assisted Reproduction Data for Fertility

Today, more than 3% of all infants born in the U.S. are conceived through ART. Success rates vary, by different types of infertility diagnoses, by type of embryos used (fresh vs. frozen, the age of the egg donor, number of eggs transferred, history of IVF and other indicators. The CDC keeps statistics on number of singleton live births, total live births and pregnancies.

Interactive Fertility Clinic Data Map

How successful are today’s assisted reproduction techniques? Here are some figures on the average national success rates:

  • 40% in women under 35 years old
  • 32% in women 35–37
  • 22% in women 38–40
  • 12% in women 41–42
  • 5% in women 43–44
  • 1% in women 44+

ART can be expensive and time-consuming, but it has allowed many couples to have children that otherwise would not have been conceived. The most common complication of ART is a multiple fetus pregnancy. This is a problem that can be prevented or minimized by limiting the number of embryos that are transferred back to the uterus. For example, transfer of a single embryo, rather than multiple embryos, greatly reduces the chances of a multiple fetus pregnancy and its risks such as preterm birth.

DFW Center for Fertility & IVF participates in the CDC’s reporting program, and will be listed on the Find a Clinic directory. Our individual clinic success rates will be available online via CDC reports as we gather more data and results from our patients. All information remains completely private, of course.

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