Sperm Abnormalities

male fertility sperm abnormalitiesMales contribute 30-40% of all infertility diagnoses, so our male fertility specialists at DFW Center for Fertility & IVF understands the importance of evaluating both partners. Our fertility clinic in Allen offers a range of andrology services to determine if sperm abnormalities are the cause of your infertility.

Semen analysis is the initial test performed to evaluate semen parameters. The basic analysis evaluates for volume, sperm count, sperm motility, and morphology (shapes). Other elements evaluated include, semen viscosity, pH, as well as the presence of white blood cells (which may indicate infection) or excessive number of immature sperm. Any abnormal indications in these conditions  can affect the chances of pregnancy.

If your initial semen analysis is abnormal, a repeat test is performed to confirm. In cases where the abnormality is persistent, further testing may be performed depending on the severity of the problem. In men with significantly low sperm counts, hormonal testing as well as genetic testing may be performed. Dr. Beshay can determine for the underlying cause as well as offer treatment options to correct the problem.

Treating Men for Sperm Abnormalities

In cases where the problem is mild, intrauterine insemination may be enough to overcome abnormal sperm, however in cases where sever abnormalities exist or the problem cannot be corrected, IVF may be the best option to achieve pregnancy successfully.

sperm injection fertility treatmentAlso, ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, can be utilized during in vitro fertilization treatment. ICSI injects a single sperm directly into a single oocyte. Our trained embryologists will select the best sperm and inject it into the egg using a very fine needle. The developing embryo is then monitored in the lab and eventually transferred in the woman’s uterus.

In some cases, donor sperm may be an option. Donor sperm is typically obtained from national sperm banks based on your selection criteria. The sperm is then thawed at the time of the partner’s ovulation and instilled directly into the uterine cavity.

All these options will be discussed with you depending on your condition and comfort level with each treatment option.

For more information about infertility treatments for abnormal sperm and other male fertility factors, contact us online.