Causes of Sperm Abnormalities

Sperm abnormalities play a significant role in fertility problems, and there are several different causes for this problem. Here are some of the medical, environmental and lifestyle factors that can contribute to the production of abnormal sperm. Medical Factors There are several health issues that can lead to sperm abnormalities. One of the most common… Read More »

Can Infertility in Women Be Prevented?

Female infertility can obviously be devastating to women who want to start a family. However, there are many risk factors associated with this condition that can be minimized or eliminated entirely. By making some healthy lifestyle choices, women can substantially improve their ability to have children. Healthy Choices By maintaining an appropriate weight and exercising regularly,… Read More »

Fertility Clinic Treatment Options for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition that takes place when uterine tissue is found outside the uterus, typically somewhere in the abdominal region. It can lead to painful inflammation and scarring throughout the pelvis and abdomen – and even worse, cause infertility. If you are suffering from endometriosis, here are some potential treatment options our Allen fertility… Read More »

Infertility Questions

Infertility Tests for Men

If you and your spouse are having difficulty trying to have a child, there could be several different causes. Our infertility clinic in Allen can perform a variety of tests to determine the cause of the problem and come up with a suitable treatment plan. Here are just a few of the tests that most men will commonly… Read More »