Are You a Candidate for Artificial Insemination in Allen?

Artificial Insemination in AllenArtificial insemination in Allen can help you fulfill your dream of finally having a baby. It is not only less invasive than many other types of fertility treatments, it also costs less in many instances. Here are some ways to tell if this procedure may be right for you.

How it Works

Women undergoing artificial insemination in Allen may take fertility medications before undergoing the procedure, which entails the injection of sperm directly into the uterus. The procedure may be an excellent option if you are using donor sperm to conceive or you are having problems getting pregnant. The male will provide a sperm sample, which will then be prepared in a way that ensures only the healthiest specimen will have access to the female’s egg. Your doctor will closely monitor your ovulation cycle in order to perfectly time the injection.

Is it Right for You?

In order to determine if artificial insemination in Allen is right for you, your doctor will need to confirm that your fallopian tubes are not blocked in any way. The tubes must be open in order for the procedure to be successful. It is also vital that you have a large enough quantity of quality eggs in your ovaries and that your hormone levels are in the proper range.

Women who experience cervical mucus issues are typically good candidates for the procedure since it will allow sperm to avoid the cervix and go directly into the uterus.

The experts with DFW Center for Fertility and IVF can let you know if you are suited for artificial insemination in Allen. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please contact us online or call 469-854-0305.