Andrology & Male Infertility

male fertilityThe medical discipline of andrology is dedicated to the study and treatment of male reproductive organs and male infertility issues. Infertility can be a sensitive subject for men, but it doesn’t have to be regarded as taboo. Male infertility is one of the most common causes of infertility among couples. DFW Center for Fertility & IVF in Allen can increase the likelihood of conception among infertile couples with the proper treatment.

Male Fertility Testing

  • Semen Analysis
  • Physical Examination
  • Hormone Testing

Physical Exam

The physical exam is meant to identify and eliminate the most common causes of infertility. This stage of the process will include confidential, detailed questions about your general health. Everything from your general environment to sexual history will be discussed in order to better identify a root cause.

Semen Analysis

During the semen testing in our on-site fertility center laboratory, such things as the number, shape and mobility of the sperm will be determined. If the lab tests show that sperm are sufficient in number, shape and mobility, it is likely that traditional methods of conception will be recommended. If the semen analysis yields a significant amount of sperm abnormality, IVF or ICSI may be recommended in order to conceive.

Hormone Testing

Abnormal hormone levels may also contribute to male infertility. Tests centered around Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteininzing Hormone (LH) levels determine the ability to produce testosterone and sperm. If LHS and FSH levels are high, there is essentially a problem with testicular function. If levels are too low, it indicates an issue with communication between the pituitary gland and testes.

Testosterone is essential to sperm production and mobility. If testosterone levels are too low this can lead to a low sperm count and/or poor semen mobility. Prolactin testing may also determine the cause of male infertility.

If you’re experiencing problems conceiving a child, it may be due to male infertility. Contact Dr. Beshay at DFW Center for Fertility & IVF in Allen to schedule your consultation by calling 469-854-0305.