Fertility Center in Allen

baby, IVF, fertility clinic Allen TXDFW Center for Fertility & IVF serves a wide variety of individuals and families in Collin County and beyond.  Dr. Victor E. Beshay, MD, established this state-of-the-art reproductive medicine center in Allen, TX, in 2014, but he already had an established track record helping patients successfully deal with the pain and uncertainty of infertility.

Reproductive Therapies

Our practice was built with the infertility patient in mind. It was built to the highest standards and houses state-of-the-art equipment aimed to deliver the best care for you. The embryology laboratory was built under the guidance of air quality specialist, Antonia Gilligan of Alpha Environmental. Her role is to assure that the environment in the laboratory is pristine and free of any negative environmental impact to your sperm, eggs and embryos. The design and construction of the lab was planned to the most minute detail − from the type of paint, light fixtures, all the way down to the selection of medical equipment − to assure that a safe lab environment. The safer the lab, the better your chances of successful fertility treatment.

Dr. Beshay has worked with all types of cases from reduced fertility because of age in men and women, reduced ovary function, testicular failure, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), blocked fallopian tubes, history of tubal ligation, uterine abnormalities, and more. His training and experience cover all potential risk factors and infertility causes that may impact your ability to conceive.

New Fertility Center Offers Range of Services

Our clinic provides the latest in reproductive health technology, medical techniques, therapies, and related infertility services. Our care does not stop with fertility treatments alone. We strive to become your partners through all phases of fertility care. As such, we value your personal comfort and confidence in our facility.

To benefit patients and their partners, we offer:

For more information about treatment for infertility at our Allen, TX, fertility center, please contact Dr. Beshay’s office.