Infertility Resources

5 Useful Resources About Infertility

Finding Answers to Infertility Questions

Infertility ResourcesFor women and couples experiencing concerns over infertility, the process of sorting through all of the information available can seem overwhelming. Many such people find that they are unable to receive answers to their questions without seeking help from a fertility doctor, and this can lead to confusion and frustration. Thankfully, there are a number of professional resources available online that can provide women and couples with answers to frequently asked infertility questions. While you should always seek the advice of a trained fertility doctor, below are five fertility websites to keep an eye on:


The fertility page on Medscape offers a great deal of valuable information concerning infertility testing procedures and treatment options. The site is part of the WebMD Health Professional Network, and all content is created by physicians and specialists. WebMD also provides a number of professional medical journals and publications that can be subscribed to. Also, don’t forget to check the fertility page often as new information is added as advancements in fertility technology are made.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also provides web surfers with an infertility page that addresses a variety of common concerns, including infertility issues in men. The CDC is recognized internationally as an authority on health and medical conditions, so you can trust the information presented there. Additionally, the CDC offers a programs and activities page that lists various events taking place regarding infertility discussions. In some cases, the public is allowed to participate, so don’t forget to check back at the programs and activities page often for updates. is a website maintained by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and its infertility page offers a huge listing of topics in alphabetical order regarding infertility, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Whatever type of information you’re seeking relating to fertility concerns, it’s likely that you will be able to find it here.

If you still have questions about fertility issues after reviewing the above resources, Dr. Victor Beshay and the staff at the DFW Center for Fertility & IVF are available to help, as well. Residents of, or around, the Dallas region turn to Dr. Beshay and the DFW Center for Fertility & IVF for assistance with a range of fertility treatments, including in-vitro fertilization.

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