3 Things to Consider Before In Vitro Fertilization

Trying to get pregnant is often very exciting. Many people forward to having a baby. For a significant subset of couples, however, getting pregnant may not be that simple. In that case, they may often need to look to outside sources for help. Many fertility treatments exist. One such treatment is in vitro fertilization. During this process, the egg is removed from the woman’s body, fertilized outside it with her partner’s sperm and then placed back in her uterus. Before embarking on this form of treatment many couples will need to take several factors into account.Pregnant mom and happy dad

Multiple Births

Couples undergoing in vitro fertilization often chose to transfer more than one embryo to improve their chances of conception. While doing so may improve their chances of pregnancy, it may also increase the odds of a multiple birth. Any couple should be aware of such potential results before they begin. They should think about how they will feel should the pregnancy result in more than one baby or even the possible birth of several babies.

The Length of the Procedure

A cycle of IVF can take many months to complete. A woman may need to take multiple medications for a few weeks to get her cycle in synch with the demands of the procedure. Both parties may need to wait until this synchronization is completed. Each party may also need to make sure they are in the best shape possible before they start.


In vitro fertilization may not be covered by the couple’s medical insurance. A round of the procedure may cost many thousands of dollars. However, the procedure has a significantly greater success rate than many other forms of assisted reproduction.

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